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People Reasons to Choose Shopping at Minimarket

The minimarket management is better than the traditional market. That is a little reason why many people who love to shop in a mini market. In addition, you can also get good quality in the supermarket as you can find at Although not infrequently the price of goods in the minimarket more expensive, but it does not prevent people to shop in a mini market.

1. Friendly service
Service in the minimarket is friendly, if you go to minimarket then you are greeted “Welcome, happy shopping”. That’s just your greeting. If a minimarket officer sees a confused visitor looking for a certain item then you will be helped, “Can we help you?”. Not only that, officers also always smiling. If you are not satisfied with the service you can immediately reprimand the officer or complain by calling the customer service phone number.

2. Comfortable
Minimarket equipped with air conditioning. You will not be overheated if you shop here. Minimarket visitors are pampered with the convenience of free internet service (free WiFi) in certain minimarket. Not only had that, in the front minimarket also provided tables and chairs for visitors who want a break for a moment. Some minimarket franchises open their stores 24 hours. So whenever you need the goods can be served.

For those of you who ran out of money, in some minimarkets provided Automated Teller Machine (ATM) in collaboration with a particular bank in the store. You will be safer and more comfortable taking money at an ATM inside the minimarket than on the roadside or bank office.