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Internet Speed via Satellite

Internet Access Speed Size (i-net) has different access speeds, depending on the provider or channel used. The rate of accessing i-net can be measured by bandwidth as the capacity for data transfer. Greater bandwidth, then the access speed is greater. Due to the different internet speeds between internet connections in the city and in the village then there is now satellite internet or commonly called the internet pelosok that help the village community to stay connected to the internet. Apart from that, here are some ways to measure internet speed!

1. Speed Access I-net with Dial-Up via PSTN Line
Phone lines can be connected to your computer. How to connect to i-net is using a regular telephone cable or often called dial-up. This dial-up requires a tool to help connect that is called a modem. The size of i-net access speeds using dial-up reach 56kbps. However, when accessing in the daytime, i-net speed may decrease as the phone’s main channel is super busy.

2. Accessing I-net Speed with ADSL
ADSL stands for Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line, which is a modem technology at frequencies between 34 kHz – 1104 kHz. ADSL’s advantage is to provide I-net access capabilities at high speed and sound.