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Know the types of pool fences

The pool fences can be the great addition to your swimming pool. Aside from creating a sense of more privacy for your pool, it works as a barrier which prevents the little kids from entering the pool recklessly, especially if they can’t swim yet. So that’s why adding this piece of safety measure for your pool will never be a bad choice. You can also call the best Perth glass pool fencing DIY if you are looking for the best professionals for building your pool fence.

Doing outdoor activities such as swimming will be very enjoyable if there is no interference. This can be created by providing a pool fence on each side of your pool. Pool fence can consist of various models and types. Some of the commonly used by many people will be discussed by my house as follows:

Removable Mesh Pool Fencing

This type of pool guardrail is one of the most favored pool fence types because it can be easily moved, so you can install it when there is activity being done around the pond house.

If there is no activity, you can keep this fence back. Although efficient, this type of fence is less secure because it is only temporary.

Vertical Bar Fencing

This type of fence is simple because you only need to align material like wood or vinyl vertically. The ideal distance between the material structure ranges from 5-10 cm. Keep the distance no more than that, because it will create a wide gap that can be entered by people.

Glass Panel Fencing

Pool fence this one is made of glass panel material. Glass panels that are used also is not random glass. The type of glass used is glass tempered with a thicker and safer glass surface.

This type of glass also becomes clear and transparent, so you can still make your pool look artistic from the outside. Use for this type of guardrail pool this one will also make the view of your pool become more stylish and modern.

In order for this guardrail can also work optimally again, you can add rescue equipment on the poolside like a float.