How to choose a fully degraded meal box

When you eat out, it is inevitable to encounter the need to use disposable tableware, and usually such tableware will be difficult to degrade and pollute the environment.However, there is an alternative to fully degraded meal boxes on the market, which works with microorganisms in the environment, such as bacteria and mold, and then converted into carbon dioxide and water. Therefore, people are very friendly to the environment and do not have to worry about unsanitary materials.Here's how to choose a fully biodegradable meal box.

First, understand the entire use cycle of such a meal box.Starch is usually extracted from corn or cassava and then processed into meal boxes.Some also use sugarcane syrup, wheat straw pulp and so on.After use, the meal box can be buried directly into the soil and turned into nutrients with the changes in the natural environment.

In the actual use process, we also pay more attention to the experience.When choosing the meal box, the good quality meal box, the box body color is uniform, clear outline, the box mouth has no obvious wrinkle, depression.Note whether the edges of the box are smooth and without hairy edges so that it will not hurt the user.At the same time, whether the meal box can be waterproof and oil prevention, sealing performance is good, better is to increase the buckle, so that the use of the problem need not worry about the side leakage.Whether to increase the pressure resistance, have good toughness, is also a problem that many consumers consider.From the relatively wide use of scenarios, can be suitable for microwave oven heating, refrigerated meal box, can be more popular with consumers.

When choosing to buy, to carefully screen whether the material is new, pollution-free, must resolutely abandon the spoiled, moldy, smelly meal box, encounter color special white also want to pay more attention to, see whether added fluorescent whitening agent.In the actual procurement, you can see the parameter identification on the meal box, whether the QS, is PP, etc.If you can, actually touch the meal box, feel the intensity, test whether it is torn to tear.To carefully check whether the package is marked "product name, product execution standard, production date, shelf life, health license", and a series of national provisions must mark the content, if the mark content is not complete or not standard, such a meal box should not be bought well.

Although the fully degradation meal box appeared soon, the industry has developed rapidly.I believe that there will be more environmentally friendly biodegradable lunch boxes in the future, and the public will be confident in the industry.