Full degradation meal box with traditional polyethylene tabl

The rise of fully biodegradable disposable meal boxes is far faster than many people imagine, and its environmental advantages and social benefits are significantly better than the traditional polyethylene meals.The network information about the complete degradation meal box which good reputation is quickly famous in the diet industry, now on the comprehensive degradation disposable meal box and traditional polyethylene tableware which is better elaborate:

The material decomposition ability of the 1. fully degraded disposable meal box is strong

The main function of the fully degradation disposable meal box is delivery package delivery, which has stronger material decomposition ability than traditional polyethylene tableware.Because the traditional polyethylene tableware is polyethylene, polypropylene and dense ammonia as raw materials, although it is resistant to high temperature and strong bearing capacity, but it is not easy to decompose and easy to cause pollution to the environment.

Full degradation of 2. A disposable meal cartridge has a short degradation time

According to analytical feedback from scientific experts show that the full degradation disposable meal box has a shorter degradation time compared with traditional polyethylene tableware.Because the traditional polyethylene tableware is made of polyethylene compounds, the reduction speed of such polyethylene compounds is slower than disposable boxes, so the environmental pollution harm caused by complete degradation of disposable boxes is relatively smaller.

Toxicology testing of 3. fully degradation disposable meal boxes is more reliable

The vast majority of all-degraded disposable meal boxes are tested for complete toxicology before leaving the factory.Because the traditional polyethylene tableware contains a certain proportion of chemicals, if some polyethylene tableware is made by a small factory, it may remain partially toxic, and the toxicology test of the formal full degradation disposable meal box is very strict.

Fully degradable disposable meal boxes are developing in full swing, with messages written everywhere on the Internet saying "which one is reliable".It has more advantages over traditional polyethylene meals, because the material decomposition ability of the fully biodegradable disposable meal box and its short degradation time are strong, and its toxicology test is more reliable.