Plant fiber can also make a disposable meal box!

When it comes to the use of plant fiber, probably a lot of friends are not very understand.It is a substitute for some plastic and ceramic products, and in recent years, it can also be used to make disposable meal boxes with the efforts of disposable meal box manufacturers.

Used to make disposable meal box plant fiber mostly from straw, bagasse, rice shell, etc., extracted from these material, plant fiber as raw material, disposable meal box manufacturers in production to add water resistance, molding machine and adhesive, etc., it stir evenly, then poured into the molding machine for molding processing, through drying, plastic and disinfection post processing, is made when our disposable meal box.

Using plant fiber to make disposable meal boxes has obvious environmental advantages, such a meal box is more easy to degrade than plastic meal boxes, and will not pollute the natural environment.The plant fiber used by the manufacturer of the disposable meal box belongs to the agricultural foot material, which to some extent improves the efficiency of the comprehensive utilization of agricultural resources, reduces the production of agricultural garbage, and solves some problems for agricultural production.